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Nokia Bluetooth Headsets

  Find your Bluetooth Headsets quickly:
Nokia Bluetooth Headsets are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled phone.

So you could use a Nokia Bluetooth Headset with your LG Bluetooth phone.

You can choose any Bluetooth Headset for your mobile phone including the specialist headset manufacturers such as Plantronics, Fonix, Parrot, Jabra, Iqua, Bluetrek and Aliph.

Have a look through all the sections below and choose the Nokia Bluetooth Headset which suits your preferred design and budget.

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Why do I need Bluetooth Headset?
There are many reasons to use a Bluetooth headset.

Using a Bluetooth headset allows you to be hands free while you are talking on your phone so you don't have to worry about getting tangled up in cords.

Perfect for driving, they also avoid breaking the law!

If you are worried about radiation from your phone, a Bluetooth headset will greatly decrease the radiation.

Which one is compatible with my phone?
All our Bluetooth headsets are compatible with all Bluetooth enabled phones. So you could use a Nokia Bluetooth headset with your Bluetooth LG phone.

Watch out for Stereo Bluetooth Headsets which are designed for playing your Music as well as handling calls.

If your phone supports the A2DP profile, you can use an A2DP stereo headset to listen to your music in stereo through your phone and your Bluetooth headset.

How do I choose the right one for me?
The two most important things to consider before purchasing a headset are the environment you will be using it in and what will be most comfortable for you.

If you are going to be using your headset in noisy environments you should consider purchasing a headset with some sort of noise suppression. The noise suppression will help filter out background noise so your callers can hear you clearly. Many different Bluetooth headset manufacturers have their own technology for noise suppression.

Browse through our extensive range considering design, weight, battery life, style, brand, colour and of course budget!

Bluetooth headsets provide the best alternative to using your mobile phone whilst at the wheel of your car or on the move. Hands-free mobile equipment is safe and time efficient. Nokia Bluetooth headsets can carry out basic activities from simply answering calls to listening to your music wirelessly in stereo.

Nokia Bluetooth headsets are compatible with all Nokia mobile phones. There are a great deal of headsets available at Foneshop to suit your requirements. Nokia Bluetooth headsets offer impressive call quality in a safe and sensible manner.
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