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Smartphones – Mobile Working Devices Sees Mobile Data Traffic Overtake Voice Traffic for First Time

Friday, March 26th, 2010

For the very first time, mobile data traffic appears to have overtaken voice traffic on mobile networks in December last year, according to network company Ericsson. The exponential growth and interest in smartphones has been the major cause for mobile data traffic to spike, with social media networks and mobile working applications the main cause for this shift.

It is perhaps understandable therefore, that both mobile carriers and manufacturers are continuing to drive their products towards social media and working mobile phone accessories as an area of considerable potential income. Some 200 mobile operators worldwide are promoting its Facebook mobile products, with over 100 million users connecting to social media networks through their smartphones.

The consumer market is now hooked on fast 3G mobile broadband and wireless connectivity, and the pressure is on networks across the planet to maintain their standards in order to develop and maintain their consumer base. Plans are already afoot to roll out 4G networks capable of even quicker download speeds but the UK’s dated infrastructure in comparison to the United States means that this is unlikely to reach Britain’s shores for some time.