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LG Mobile Reports Loss of £64m for Second Quarter

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

LG’s handset division has posted a loss of £64 Million for the second quarter ending 30th June 2010, despite selling 30.6 million units in the quarter.  It is our view that this is because the handset manufacturer has a relatively weak “total Portfolio” this is most apparent in the smartphone segment which is a segment that is on the rise for other mobile manufacturers. The weakness in this key area has allowed Apple and BlackBerry to increase their sales in this segment.

LG can recover from this but we think that they need to look at the breadth of their range in order to ensure that they can optimise their market share. They do have a number of handset models available but they do not cover all sectors adequately.

LG do have a large range of mobile phone accessories available for their range of phones, LG batteries, LG Bluetooth kits and LG mains chargers are all available to purchase. So if you are an LG fan maybe take a look at the range.