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Mobile Phones – Regulator Confirms Consumers Can Soon Change Providers Within One Working Day

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Mobile regulators, Ofcom have revealed that mobile phone consumers will soon be able to change providers and network carriers within one working day as opposed to the current two-day changeover period.

Although the change is still subject to further consultation, it looks likely to be brought into place, with consumers currently frustrated at having to wait 48 hours to receive their Port Authorisation Code (PAC) in order to change providers and tariffs. As part of the change in conditions, consumers will be able to receive their PAC immediately or within two hours via SMS.

The estimated date for the implementation of this idea is currently set for Q1 of 2011.


Mobile Phones – Ofcom Calling for Cap to Cross-Network Call Charges

Monday, March 29th, 2010

A recent investigation into cross-network UK mobile phone call charges by Ofcom looks set to revolutionise the way mobile phone carriers charge mobile phone consumers for calls between networks. Almost the entirety of the UK mobile network industry is keen to maintain a free market for call charges, yet Ofcom is seeking to implement a cap from 4p to a maximum of 2p per call.

The result of this price cap could cost the mobile industry upwards of £1 billion, potentially reducing the prospect of future financial investment in the industry. At present the likes of BT get hit by a staggering £750 million phone bill each year connecting landlines to mobile phone networks. A cap would appease this problem, but it would create issues for mobile phone carriers who would likely have to bump up pay-monthly subscriptions and consider scrapping pre-pay methods as a result.


Mobile Phone Users – Ofcom Reveals Service Comparison Information

Friday, March 12th, 2010

In the tightening global economy, British watchdog organisation Ofcom has revealed figures that will encourage mobile phone users to make greater savings on their bills by switching to a mobile tariff that is better suited to the individual needs of the consumer.

With the vast selection of tariffs available amongst a variety of mobile phone carriers there is no excuse not to find a deal that offers the optimum level of talk-time minutes and texts. Purchasing a tariff that includes thousands of free minutes and text messages obviously sounds advantageous, but if you end up using only a small percentage of this allowance that is a considerable amount of money wasted.

This latest service comparison document, Consumer Focus and the Communications Consumer Panel is designed with the simple idea of directing mobile consumers to the most cost-effective monthly deals and services.