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HTC HD2 Unveiled with Windows Mobile 6.5 Interface

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

In a week when Microsoft has officially revealed its Windows Mobile 6.5 interface to the mobile world, HTC has moved to unveil a sneak preview of its latest HTC HD2 smartphone. The feedback from the specifications and images appears to be very positive, with HTC implementing Windows Mobile 6.5 for this device as opposed to a number of the latest HTC mobile phones that carry the open-source Android operating system.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this touchscreen smartphone is the screen itself. With a massive 4.3” screen users are able to enjoy an improved viewing experience for multimedia. Meanwhile the sleek design of the handset measuring at 11mm thick means that the HD2 will be both powerful and pocketable.

A feature that has let down many HTC mobile phones in the past is their lack of a 3.5mm audio connection. However, the HTC HD2 is able to provide this option as well as micro-USB connectivity. The handset also boasts a lightening quick 1 GHz processor to ensure a smooth and direct response at the touch of a button.


Mobile Phone Sorcery with the HTC Magic

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

The evolution of the T-Mobile G1 has arrived with the HTC Magic becoming the world’s second Google Android mobile phone. While the consumer market appears to have gone crazy at the release of Apple’s latest iPhone 3G S, the HTC Magic appears to provide the potential to become a rival in the market.

 A lighter and sleeker design, the Magic is another impressive 3.2” touchscreen handset that has ironed out a number of flaws from previous versions of the Android software. The absence of the QWERTY keyboard from the earlier G1 model has surprised many consumers, but its exclusion has decreased the thickness of the handset to just 14mm.

The flexibility of the HTC Magic interface is somewhat contrasting to the G1. Drag and drop your icons across three ‘home’ screens that enable users to store more of their favourite applications and links for web browsing. The security of the handset has also been drastically improved with a locking system which requires a pattern to be drawn using a set of nine dots on the touch screen.


Nokia Mobile Phone Accessories

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

In today’s busy world nearly everyone has a mobile phone in the UK to allow them to be contacted while they are out and about on the go. In fact when you leave your mobile behind somewhere or lose it, it almost feels like you have lost part of your body.

With technology moving further and further forward each day how many of you out there realised that your phone is now more than just device used to talk to people with. As new mobile phone accessories become available, they allow your phone to take a whole new place in everyday life.


Cheap Mobile Phone Accessories

Friday, March 21st, 2008

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Nokia 7900 Prism Handset

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Th Nokia 7900 Prism is for those of you who like things a little bit away from the normal. Nokia have decided to push the design limits once again with the Nokia 7900 Prism and have designed another cutting edge mobile phone. The Nokia 7900 Prism handset has anodised, diamond-cut patterns on a shining aluminum back cover. This new Nokia 7900 phone is definately for the style conscious. View the Nokia 7900 Prism handset and get all the information you need to buy online today. Browse our Nokia mobile phone accessories to go with your Nokia 7900 Prism handset.

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