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Mobile Phone Accessories: Bluetooth Headsets for use at the Wheel

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Recent statistics suggest that the number of drivers using mobile phones at the wheel has doubled despite the introduction of harsher penalties by the law. Tighter laws and new fines introduced in February 2007 have failed to deter drivers from using their mobile phones. A poll by the Transport Research Laboratory found that 2.8% of drivers make phone calls whilst driving – an 100% increase on the number in 2007 at 1.4%.

Overall, 7% of drivers were guilty of using their mobile phone at the wheel of their car. The research suggested that males aged 30-59 were the biggest culprits.

It is a bizarre state of affairs when you consider the vast number of mobile phone accessories available on the market that can keep drivers in contact in a safe manner. Bluetooth headsets offer great ways to use your mobile phone, from simple Bluetooth headsets purely to answer your calls to Bluetooth headsets which allow you to listen to your music wirelessly in stereo.


Mobile Bluetooth Technology – The Pros and Cons

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Over the last few years, mobile technology has embraced the inclusion of Bluetooth as a means of wireless communication. It was introduced in order to allow communication between devices that need to ‘talk’ between short distances. There are a number of ways that Bluetooth can positively affect our mobile usage.

The ability to quickly transfer files and data from your phone to your PC is an excellent time-saving feature that ends the need for a USB data stick. Perhaps the most important, safety-conscious utility is the Bluetooth mobile headset. Not only is this an efficient way of using your telephone hands-free whilst driving, it also largely eliminates the risk of traffic accidents whilst using your phone.


Bluetooth Wireless Accessories

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Bluetooth was an initiative by Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba back in 1998 to create a cable free way for mobile phones, computers and PDAs to communicate with each other in a wireless environment.

Wireless Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones are now widely available and allow the user to answer calls handsfree without any cumbersome wires getting in the way.


Nokia Mobile Phone Accessories

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

In today’s busy world nearly everyone has a mobile phone in the UK to allow them to be contacted while they are out and about on the go. In fact when you leave your mobile behind somewhere or lose it, it almost feels like you have lost part of your body.

With technology moving further and further forward each day how many of you out there realised that your phone is now more than just device used to talk to people with. As new mobile phone accessories become available, they allow your phone to take a whole new place in everyday life.


USB Bluetooth Dongle

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Have you ever wondered how to link your mobile phone to your computer to copy over pictures you have taken? On the other hand, wondered how to link your computer to your phone to make an internet connection while you are on the move? With a small USB bluetooth dongle, you can do both of these and lots more.

The small USB bluetooth dongle links into the USB port of your computer to give your PC a bluetooth antenna. When you connect your phone to the computer, using the software supplied with the USB bluetooth dongle you can open up a completely new functionality for your phone. The USB bluetooth dongle does not just link your mobile phone and computer together.


Mobile Phone Accessories

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Mobile phones are now an integral part of our lives; we often wonder how we managed without them. Today, mobile phones are not only how we communicate and talk to friends, family and work colleagues but they need to perform many duties from work tools to fashion accessories.

To enable our mobile phones to achieve their full potential, phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung and Motorola  produce many accessories for their mobile phones. In addition to these, there are numerous non genuine phone accessories compatible with top brands but at much more affordable prices.

Mobile phone accessories are available in a multitude of options, some for practical reasons such as handsfree car kits and bluetooth accessories  to ensure our safety when driving. Other accessories are more enjoyable such as the huge selection of phone covers and facias, which are available in hundreds of designs and colours to enable us to personalise our mobile phones.

Some mobile phone accessories are a necessity, these comprise of mains chargers, sim cards and batteries, without which our phones will not operate. The choice of accessories is extensive and enables us to tailor mobile phones to fit in with our lives and of course have fun with. Click here to see our full range of Mobile Phone Accessories


Samsung Mobile Phone Accessories

Friday, April 10th, 2009

We know Samsung for their smart and well-designed phones, and they don’t let us down with their accessories either. Samsung are world leaders when it comes to bluetooth technology  and create tasteful bluetooth accessories and headsets , which are ultra light, easy to wear and operate.

If you use your mobile phone in the car then it goes without saying these days that you need a car kit . The Samsung mobile phone accessory range would not be complete without a car kit , which just simply plugs into your cigarette lighter socket and is ready for handsfree use.


Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Accessories

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Technology is a word Sony Ericsson is well and truly familiar with and their mobile phone accessories are no exception to this rule. Today we use our phones for a host of different activities, not only to make calls but to also take pictures and use as mobile sat nav.

To ensure you get the best out of your Song Ericsson mobile phone, Sony Ericsson have developed some fantastic new accessories for their complete range of phones. Whether it’s a new battery, mains chargers or a phone charger for your car, you can now order all of these and much more with amazing prices on next day delivery online.


Mobile Phone Accessories Information

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

You’ve done your research and taken the time and finally chosen that shiny new mobile phone that suits your lifestyle and budget – now you can personalise your phone and have fun choosing your mobile phone accessories. Some mobile phone accessories are essential for example if you plan to use your phone whilst driving a hands free kit is a must if you want to stay safe and keep a clean driving license.

These days Bluetooth technology makes this easy with ear clips and headset accessories which are practical and simple to use. To keep your mobile in the pristine scratch free condition it was when you bought it, one phone accessory that protects your investment is a phone case.


Motorola Mobile Phone Accessories – Information

Friday, January 30th, 2009

With Motorola’s cutting edge multi media mobile phones, plus stylish good looks it is not surprising that Motorola mobile phone accessories follow the same line. The Motorola H670 KRZR Bluetooth Headset is a great example and is the latest addition to Motorola’s mobile accessories. The Motorola H670 is packed with up-to-minute features in a wireless over the ear headset and offers outstanding quality and enhanced clarity.