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Nokia N810 Handset

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Nokia N810: The Nokia N810 is one of the most striking phones currently on the market. The stunning design and shape of it makes it stand out from the crowd of samey phones. The touch screen and sleek composition make it the must have phone for this year, so say good bye to your Nokia N95 , and welcome the next generation of mobile phone from Nokia .

This tablet phone is perfect for business and personal use with the strong emphasis on Internet usability and communication. The N810 has a slide out QWERTY keyboard so using your favourite websites has never been easier while you’re on the move. Keep in touch with friends on Facebook, update your blog and keep up to date with emails while you’re out and about through Bluetooth or wireless internet. This Nokia phone makes using the Internet a pleasure wherever you are. If you don’t fancy surfing the net, then why not enjoy some music or films?

This N810 can store up to 45 hours worth of music and many films so you can enjoy your favourite music or TV shows wherever you are. Once you have this phone, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

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