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Mobile Phone Car Kit Legislation 2007

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Make sure you have your Mobile Phone Car Kit for the new legislation which was implemented in 2007. This new amendment to the mobile phone legislation means that you could end up with 3 points on your licence and a nasty fined of up to £30 (more if you are a van or heavy goods vehicle driver) if you are caught using a hand held mobile device while you are driving. Continued flouting of this new and improved legislation would mean that a driver could end up obtaining a driving ban from the courts and a potentially a much larger fine.

However, there are two options available currently on the market for the road user to work with this new mobile legislation, the first, is to not answer those all important calls.

The second is to have a quality mobile phone car kit in your car and use that to make and receive calls whilst you are on the road. Quality affordable car kits supplied by

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Mobile Kit Legislation Points

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Below are some points to remember whilst driving in your car and using your mobile phone. Drive responsibly Phones in cars can have many benefits. They provide security and help in an emergency. However, they are distracting if used when driving and this increases the risk of a crash. It is hard to do two things at once and to drive safely you must concentrate on the road. Switch off hand held phones before you drive off It is illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone when driving, even when you are stopped at traffic lights or in a queue of traffic. This includes making or receiving calls, pictures, text messaging or accessing the Internet. You must pull over to a safe location. Risk using a hand-held mobile phone when driving, and you risk a fine.

Mobile phones and the law You would be breaking the law if you picked up or used any type of phone that is, or must be, held to operate it. You may receive a fixed penalty fine of £30, raising to a maximum of £1000 (£2,500 for drivers of vans, lorries, buses and coaches) if the matter goes to court. You can also be prosecuted for using a hands-free mobile phone if you fail to have proper control of your vehicle. Drive carelessly or dangerously when using any phone and the penalties can include disqualification, a large fine, and up to two years imprisonment.

Drivers Even if you are a careful driver, you will still be distracted by a phone call or text message. Your concentration and anticipation will be affected. • It is illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone when driving. • Keep your hand held mobile phone switched off when driving and use your voicemail, a message service or call diversion so that messages can be left for you when your phone is switched off. • Only use your hand held mobile phone after you have stopped in a safe place. Never stop on the hard shoulder of a motorway except in an emergency. •

You may use a hand held mobile phone when driving for help in an emergency. On a motorway it is best to use a roadside emergency telephone, as the emergency services will be able to locate you easily.

Employers • Do not ask your staff to make or receive calls when they are driving unless you have provided the correct equipment to do so. • As an employer, you may also be prosecuted if you require your employees to use a hand held mobile phone when driving.

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General Information

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

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